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Kannur: The Union government will soon make barcode or QR code mandatory on medicine packages. In this regard, the Ministry of Health has issued an order amending the Law on Medicines and Cosmetics.

In the first phase, barcode and QR code will be printed on 300 drug brands which have large consumers. The list of brands selected for the first phase is listed in a decree published by the government.

As per the order, barcodes/QR codes are mandatory for all brands listed in the order from August 1, 2023. The date was extended to August after drug and pharmaceutical companies cited technical difficulties for move on to new changes.

The Union Government issued the order after talks with the Technical Advisory Council on Medicines. The goal is to stop counterfeit and substandard drugs from the market.

Earlier, it was seen that many companies in the country are involved in contract manufacturing which leads to different manufacturers and distributors. With the new policy, the government can ensure quality and transparency in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry.

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