The world’s first CO2 battery for long-duration energy storage is headed to the US

The Italian startup Energy Dome, manufacturer of the first CO2 battery in the world, officially enters the American market. Energy Dome’s battery uses carbon dioxide to store wind and solar energy on the grid.

The world’s first CO2 battery

Energy Dome announced earlier this month that it had received funding and networking support from Elemental Excelerator, based in Hawaii and the Bay Area, which invests in the deployment of climate technologies.

Elemental said it is funding Energy Dome because “the ability to store energy from intermittent sources like solar and wind for extended periods of time has long been a missing piece of the decarbonization puzzle.”

When Electrek asked Energy Dome about its plans to enter the US market, a spokesperson replied:

The US market is a core market for Energy Dome and we are striving to become a market leader in the US. The huge demand for [long duration energy storage] and incentive mechanisms like the Cut Inflation Act will be key drivers for the industry in the near term. Energy Dome has all the key features to deploy the most needed LDES solutions. Our process is based on existing off-the-shelf components known to the US energy industry.

Energy Dome is ready to deploy commercial-scale projects across the United States, and we maintain a strong pipeline in the country, which is expected to result in first commercial deployment as early as 2024. Our technology uses a supply chain accessible and allows our clients to access extended investment tax credits.

Energy Dome began operations in February 2020 and went from concept to full multi-megawatt scale testing in just over two years. It installed its first CO2 battery in an industrial area with an existing electricity connection in Sardinia.

In late June, Energy Dome announced that it had secured $11 million in bridge financing which it used to purchase equipment for a 20-megawatt/200-megawatt-hour/10-hour facility for Italy’s A2A utility. , with which it has a memorandum of understanding.

Other Energy Dome investors include 360 ​​Capital, Barclays, Novum Capital Partners and Third Derivative.

How the battery works

CO2 is one of the few gases that can be condensed and stored in liquid form under pressure at room temperature. Thus, as Energy Dome states on its website, it is the ideal fluid for cost-effectively storing energy in a closed thermodynamic process. It allows high density energy storage without the need to go to extremely low temperatures.

Spadacini explained how it works for Bloomberg in May:

To charge the battery, CO2 is taken at a temperature and pressure close to the atmosphere and compressed. The heat generated during compression is stored. When we exchange thermal energy with the atmosphere, the CO2 gas becomes liquid.

To generate and distribute electricity, liquid CO2 is heated and converted back into a gas that powers a turbine, which generates electricity. CO2 gas is still contained and the entire system is sealed.

We do not use any exotic materials. The technology uses steel, CO2 and water. There is therefore no dependence on rare earths such as cobalt or lithium. This makes our technology geopolitically independent. It can be produced anywhere and it can be used anywhere.

Energy Dome made a short video last year demonstrating how its CO2 energy storage works:

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Photo: Energy Dome

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