REZZ opens up about mental health in a rare interview

While the EDM industry often asks artists to constantly share content, REZZ is an artist who has always been very private and enigmatic. Recently, the beloved producer/DJ made a rare appearance on the SHE/HER/THEY podcast, a show hosted by fellow LGBTQ+ producer/DJ, Kittens.

SHE/HER/THEY aims to give “guests and listeners a space to candidly explore the journey to authenticity and transcend expectations of identity”. Throughout the curation, REZZ touches on a wide range of topics from his life as a touring DJ, including insomnia, depression, hospitalization, healing, and more. At one point, REZZ says, due to her very stressful touring and traveling, she ended up not sleeping for six days.

The frank conversation lasts one hour and 20 minutes. We would like to commend REZZ for the courage to share such deeply personal information and to Kittens for allowing him to do so.

REZZ recently released their entire set of Red Rocks earlier this year.

You can check out the full interview REZZ did with the kittens below. Enjoy!

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