Peacock hopes to capitalize on subscribers with World Cup

Since launching in 2020, NBCUniversal has had its share of big events to showcase its Peacock streaming service. He gets another one this month with the FIFA Men’s World Cup.

With Telemundo as the official Spanish-language broadcaster in the United States, Peacock will simulcast the games and make them available on demand and other ancillary programs.

Rick Cordella, president of programming for NBC Sports and Peacock Sports, said NBCUniversal was a bit behind competitors when rolling out a streaming service, but he believes they have closed the gap.

He hopes the World Cup is another event that will attract more viewers to the platform.

“We saw that sport was the catalyst to attract people. They seek it, they find it, and then they are exposed to all the entertainment options we have,” he said. “It just gives you a reason to open our app every week if you’re a fan of a certain sport.”

Peacock said it had 15 million paying subscribers and 30 million monthly active accounts last month.

Prior to returning to NBC Sports, Cordella was the chief commercial officer of Peacock and was instrumental in its launch.

Prior to Peacock’s launch, NBC’s streaming offerings were spread across its Olympic site and the various NBC Sports Gold packages for football, rugby, Premier League motorsports and the Tour de France. Peacock helped bring them under one roof and one price.

Over the past two months, Peacock has touted its advantage of having the most varied live sports package. Apart from the Olympics and the World Cup, it also has the NFL “Sunday Night Football”, the Premier League, “Sunday Morning Baseball”, Notre Dame football and hockey, NASCAR and golf, among others. It will add Big Ten football and basketball next season.

As the World Cup approaches, these promotions have intensified over the past month.

Peacock also benefited from the addition of WWE in Spring 2021, including its 12 premium live events.

“The model that we put in place for WWE was largely a sports model of how many people show up to that live event on Saturday or Sunday night, how long will they stay or how much other content they have. “, Cordella said. “There’s not a lot of difference between the passion you see for the Premier League and the passion you see for WWE events.”

Cordella also noted that fans tuned into more than one sport. Premier League fans will stream sports, as will WWE fans.

Like the Olympics, Cordella hopes the World Cup is another way to attract and retain subscribers.

The World Cup is also beneficial when it comes to streaming. According to a study by Tremor International, a video-focused advertising technology platform, 38% of fans aged 25-34 prefer streaming games compared to 33% watching TV or cable TV.

“I think one of the advantages we have in this particular property is that if you’re outside of the pay-TV ecosystem, you don’t have a niche to watch it outside. You can come to Peacock for the tournament,” Cordella said.


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