Ocean Builders: Exclusive Look Inside the World’s First Self-Sustaining Floating Home

“It’s a building that is designed from the inside out,” said Koen Olthuis, the architect of the SeaPod and founder of Waterstudio.NL. A D. Incredible views and large windows were one of the most important design elements, he explains, hence the pod-like shape. However, the circular shape is also largely inspired by aircraft engines, because “those kinds of shapes are not influenced too much by the wind”, continues Olthuis. Additionally, a round structure eliminates a front or back, which is integral to this type of home where owners enter via stairs at the base.

Interiors are more minimalist, though they can easily change as owners decorate in their own style. “I really wanted to be able to have a feeling of openness where you just have to go in and relax,” says Romundt. The entrance staircase leads to an open concept kitchen and living room, and the bedroom and bathroom are around the corner on the other side of the pod. Storage space and a washer and dryer are downstairs, and the roof is also accessible for additional outdoor space.

The Dutch architect designed two SeaPod models: the SeaPod Flagship, an 833-square-foot, three-level pod, and the SeaPod Eco, an 845-square-foot, one-story home, which was the version showcased at the show. ‘event. Ocean Builders also plans to launch two Greenpods – both a flagship and an eco-friendly model – which visually resemble their aquatic counterparts, only designed to be built on land. Each SeaPod includes panoramic windows, outdoor patio space, and three customizable outriggers that can add a hot tub, outdoor dining area, or jet dock to the home, among other available modifications. SeaPods start at $295,000 and range up to $1.5 million, depending on model and upgrades. All models are currently available for presale with a $100 deposit.

The SeaPod bathroom

Each SeaPod comes with outdoor patio space.

Diana Pienaar, a future SeaPod buyer, wasn’t actively looking for a beachfront home, but after coming across the Ocean Builder website, “I was hooked,” she says. A D. She was originally drawn to the house because of its endless sea views, though she also admires the capsule’s environmental benefits. “I was never really interested in living on a boat, whatever it was,” she says. Although the SeaPod is technically a marine vessel, “I still consider it a home.” She plans to use the customizable outriggers to add a gazebo and glassed-in greenhouse to her home, she says. “It’s not often that you are able to find refuge from the stresses and pressures of everyday life…[the SeaPod] is not only self-contained, but also full of all the modern, high-tech conveniences we all love.

The SeaPod model has been staged with modern furnishings. Each SeaPod includes a combination of built-in and moving parts.

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