New Entrant In Online Video World Targeting Racing Enthusiasts : SPEEDTube

The cutting and shaving of cables has hit cable and satellite so hard that most cable networks waiting for a spot on the dial have either dropped a linear channel or streamed content online. Such was the case with the recently launched SPEEDVISION, which re-launched online 10 years after ceasing broadcasting on cable and satellite.

This sector is so hot that another channel, SPEEDTube, was launched on YouTube in early November, along with the site. The website contains information about YouTube channel shows, including live events related to PINKs All Out and PASSTIME shows, as well as sweepstakes and merchandising.

The genesis of the launch by founder Brian Bossone (SPEEDTube is owned by parent company Boss One Media) was similar to that of SPEEDVISION which was developed by people involved in the cable network including former CEO Robert Scanlon. He told The Hollywood Reporter that an ad-supported channel like this could generate $140 million in advertising, so he decided to relaunch it as a FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television) channel.

On the other hand, SPEEDTube has decided to go on air as a YouTube channel. Bossone said that “with networks and streaming services flooding the market with the standard $4.99 payment model, we wanted to bring these shows to our fans for free.”

He also pointed out that with a paid VOD model (or even with a FAST channel) you have to do your own marketing while YouTube uses an algorithm-based search engine, attracting viewers from similar content, increasing your chances of exposure exponentially. .

The talent behind shows like PASSTIME, Drag Race High and Pinks! All Out is part of the executive team, and these shows aired during SPEEDTube’s initial debut with PINKS! Lose the race, lose your ride and PINKS ALL THE OUTTAKES. Additional episodes are added online every Tuesday and Thursday. Shows in the works include 4×4 Garage, BURNOUT, Gearheads and Dream Garages.

Boss One Media purchased the shows with all URLs and brands directly from FOX TV in August 2021 and will continue to produce new episodes. He also hired Ray Iddings, the producer of PASSTIME, Drag Race High and IHRAs Nitro Jam, as head of content development.

Historically, this content has done well with a male demographic. However, Bossone said he was surprised by early data from YouTube that showed men and women had an equal share of viewing in the 18-54 demographic. The share of viewers is fairly evenly distributed between 18-24 year olds, 25-34 year olds, 35-44 year olds and 45-44 year olds.

SPEEDTube audience by age group

13-17 years 0.6%

18-24 years 22.2%

25-34 years 21.8%

35-44 years 19.7%

45-44 years 20.9%

55-64 years 13.0%

65 and over 1.8%

Source YouTube Analytics, November 2 to November 11

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