Love Nikki Dev Paper Games Announced New Open-World Action Game With Trailer

Chinese studio Paper Games has just announced a new open-world action game called Project The Perceiver, developed by in-house sub-studio 17ZHE. This is definitely a surprise announcement, as Paper Games is very well known for producing the famous Shining Nikki dress up game and the Nikki Up2U series.

From the trailer, it looks like Project The Perceiver is set in a historical fantasy era with Dark Souls-inspired combat. According to an official description, players will also meet many different characters against the background of turbulent turmoil, understand and transform their ideals into masks, and also participate in violent duels.

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In the trailer, a character dies and after being resurrected receives a “blank mask”. The official Project The Perceiver website only reveals two characters so far, the “Mask of Devotion” (the trailer’s main character dressed in white) and “Mask of Umbra”, who appears to be a guy that you can fight in the trailer.

Project The Perceiver does not yet have a release date set. So far it’s confirmed for PlayStation, and other platforms are not announced.

There seems to be a trend towards open-world Dark Souls-inspired action games set in vaguely historical fantasy settings from Chinese studios, such as Black Myth Wukong. Whether Paper Games can smash an entirely different genre than its usual fare remains to be seen, though if Love Nikki’s story arcs (Blood curses! War!) and Shining Nikki’s 3D models are anything to go by, we should have great expectations.

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