Letter to the editor: We need animal-based foods in our diets

I’m compelled to respond to the “We owe it to our planet to change our diets” letter (November 15, TribLIVE), from an organization with a mission to end the use of animals as a food source disguised as an advocate of the environment .

As a dietitian nutritionist, I have a broader, inclusive and scientific vision of health and nutrition. According to the 2022-25 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, meat, poultry, dairy, eggs, and seafood are key sources of essential nutrients. Omission of animal foods may not optimize health and may in fact contribute to nutrient deficits.

When making food choices, you need to consider the nutritional composition of these foods, their daily distribution, and the amount needed for optimal health. Following these recommendations will ensure your general well-being. Including a mix of plants and the foods mentioned above can lead to a more varied, culturally diverse, accessible and sustainable diet.

That’s why it’s important to seek out nutrition professionals (dietitian nutritionists) for advice on healthy eating – find one at eatright.org.

Leslie Bonci

Breeze Point

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