Juanes: “I would like Messi to win the World Cup”

Juanes (Caroline, Colombia, 1972) talks to us about his new single, ‘Forbidden lovers‘ (Forbidden loves). It was based on a theme that came up with the covid-19 pandemic, when he looked at a newspaper article where they were talking about locked up loves. The Colombian is happy, smiling with this song that he wanted to create so much and from which he expects a warm welcome. Of course, he is sad that his Colombian national team will not be present at this World Cup in Qatar.

-You are one of the artists with the most Latin Grammys in history, and you have just entered the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame. Not bad is not it ?

– I’m very grateful, really. It’s been an incredible dream, and even in the most ambitious dream I couldn’t imagine anything like this happening to me. You can’t go anywhere alone. It’s been a lot of people and a lot of work and, well, a lot of love for the music. I’m very grateful.

After talking about his music and his career, the subject of his other passion, football, was broached…


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– The World Cup is fast approaching, and without the Colombian team…

– I can’t believe it, I still feel like I’m in a nightmare. It is very sad that Colombia is not there. It’s a very hard blow for us not to enjoy the World Cup with our national team. But you have to be calm… I’ll watch a few more matches, but it’s going to be tough.

“I would have liked to be a player, but I didn’t play. I never had the ease of playing football…”


– You also consider yourself a fan of the Brazilian team…

– I’m not part of a particular team, but I see how the Brazilians play, they are so good, the Argentinians… the Colombians… What I like about these World Cups is the impressive level, the quality of the players, and that makes it an indisputable art. I really like football.

I would have liked to be a player, but I did not play. I never had the opportunity to play football, and when we had physical education classes at school and everyone was running to play football, I asked the teacher if I could run on the field during one o’clock. I loved running, it was my therapy. But the music has always been more present. In fact, when I was very young, I was chubby and ate french fries for lunch and dinner, so imagine what my physical condition was. But today I like sports more and I do something every day.

“They are going to kill me, but I would like Messi to win the World Cup”


– Which footballer are you going to follow this World Cup?

– They will kill me, but I would like Messi to win the World Cup. In Argentina they are all very young and very new boys, and they all support Messi, and it can work for them. It’s not like I know football to tell you much either.

– A prediction for the World Cup…

– Hmmm… it would be between Argentina, Brazil, Spain and a surprise there.

– Thoughts on James Rodriguez

– For me, James is a star, he is a great player. I think he’s a great guy and he’s going to move on. He scored two great goals there in Greece, and I think those are special moments. You can’t always be on top.

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