Fort Myers Beach woman arrested, accused of burglarizing Smash Fitness in Cape Coral


Cape Coral police arrested a Fort Myers Beach woman who allegedly robbed a gym on Saturday.

Tracey Ischelle Omilian, 53, faces charges of petty theft, violently resisting arrest, assault on a law enforcement officer and burglary, in addition to possession of paraphernalia. drug use.

Cape Coral Police say they responded to a call for service at Smash Fitness, 1722 Del Prado Blvd South and found Omilian behind the counter rummaging through drawers and items on the counter.

The doors were locked, but she unlocked the doors for the officers. There was a half eaten protein bar and an open protein shake.

Omilian told officers she didn’t know how she got into the company because she wasn’t an employee, but she got in because she was cold and hungry.

Omilian eventually became unruly and began shouting profanities at officers and attempted to grab an officer’s Taser and handcuff keys. She is also accused of kicking an officer in the chest.

Officers also found a glass pipe in her purse with fentanyl residue on it.

She was rushed to Lee County Jail as disorderly.

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