Every World In Lego Bricktales, Ranked

Lego Bricktales does a good job of varying the worlds you need to discover, giving each story and building type its own feel. Naturally, some worlds stand out more than others, including the way things are laid out, the way challenges are thrown at you, and the characters that make up its population.

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If you’re preparing to really dive into Lego Bricktales, we’ve ranked each world from best to worst to give you a real understanding of what to expect from each one. You’ll notice that sometimes a world is on purpose in a certain way, and others will shine for reasons the designers may not have intended.


5/5 medieval world

Lego Bricktales Medieval World Overworld

The penultimate world is a jewel in the crown of Lego Bricktales. It’s Princess Bride, Braveheart and Game of Thrones all rolled into one. In fact, there’s a throne built in the real world, so we guess you could make it the Iron Throne if you wanted. The medieval world begins with a near-home pandemic hitting the populace, a showdown against a dragon, a king who is a fun Prince John-esque jester, and one of the funniest fates for a villain in gaming. video.

Perhaps the most entertaining character in this whole game is the King because he’s so likable while being so unlikable at the same time. It also has a number of signature builds that will likely have finalists coming back to tweak a bunch to look better. The nice touch of using actual Lego castle attributes like the guards makes it all the more real for us real-world Lego fanatics.

4/5 Caribbean World

LEGO Brick Tales on Water

This final world doesn’t hit the target as strongly as the medieval world, but it’s still awesome. When you realize that part of the world is a Lego Pirate yoga studio, you know you’re in for something special. Nothing beats Lego pirate games back in the day and this world has you building rafts, a fishing pier, a pirate roost and a gangway. All of the builds in this world feel great for the setting and there really are some very entertaining challenges almost throughout everything.

The ending, which has you freeing a pirate ship from a cave, feels ripped straight from the Goonies and is so satisfying. Then, when you return to the Overworld amusement park, you can craft your own Viking ship.

3/5 desert world

Lego Bricktales Desert World Pyramid

This level didn’t have the most notable builds, but the overall vibe and humor were great. Lego Bricktales really relied on its cat-loving players, and this world is one where cats are everywhere. And we mean everywhere. The best part is that you can walk up to each chat and get a speech bubble that says “Meow”. Now, if that doesn’t overwhelm you with cuteness, nothing will.

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There are even buildings that directly involve building a cat roost and bed, so you know someone designing this game owns one of those furry friends. The hieroglyphic challenge at the end showed some inspiration, but overall it was the interesting characters in this world that made it stand out from the next two.

2/5 city ​​world

city ​​electrical substation

This world is a bit mixed up, and with the City series of Lego being so popular, it’s a bit disappointing. Instead of leaving the city to fend for itself, the developers launched a robot invasion plot that took away some of the fun things you could have done with an active, living, breathing city. Instead, we have these bots that float around and really do nothing but hinder your progress. It would have been a much better level if we solved everyday city problems like the broken down garbage truck, the subway needing a new train, or the town hall needing a facelift. Instead, we have Invasion of the Brick Snatchers.

No real character stands out, except maybe the mad scientist in the sewers isn’t the bad guy. Worse still, the construction of the fire escape may make a player want to throw away their keyboard, controller, or Nintendo Switch. But you can build a car, and that puts it above the next entry on this list. I feel like the other builds in this world could be so, so much better.

1/5 jungle world

mountain top thumbtack

The Jungle level is a bit of a didactic world, so the constructions are very simple – most of them are bridges. While it gets you used to the mechanics of the game, when you look back at the worlds that had the most impact, that jungle world just gets lost. There’s nothing that really stands out except a cool build with the gyrocopter. Worse still, you don’t really feel like you have an impact on the world with the appearances of your builds compared to other worlds.

Constructions are just bridges that you pass quickly and never think about again. There’s a zip line build that’s quite interesting, but you use it once and never see it again. On the medieval level, for example, you build balconies, thrones, and feast tables that are highly visible in the world as you continue to play them. Indiana Jones’ homage to this world is nice, but it still doesn’t make up for its lackluster builds. As it is the first level that attracts the player, we would have liked him to bite more.

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