Dua Lipa denies rumors about World Cup performance

Doua Lipa

Doua Lipa
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The 2022 FIFA World Cup will kick off (get it?) next week in Qatar, but a supposed participant – who is not a football player – will be very not to be present. Somehow, rumors have swirled that Dua Lipa will be performing at the opening ceremony of the world’s biggest soccer tournament (which is apparently a normal thing, since BTS’s Jung Kook will be will play during the event and appear on the official World Cup soundtrack), but as reported by Varietyshe recently posted on her Instagram Story that the rumors are definitely not true.

Dua Lipa explained that she will not be performing during the World Cup and that she was never even involved in “any negotiation to play”, and in case that was not strong enough, she noted with casually that she was looking forward to visiting Qatar one day “when it has fulfilled all the human rights commitments it made when it won the right to host the World Cup.

Dua Lipa's Instagram

Dua Lipa’s Instagram
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Not to dash the hopes of Dua Lipa fans in Qatar any further, but that seems pretty unlikely: not only explicitly illegal homosexuality in the country, but it is feared that Female World Cup fans could be punished if they report sexual assault it could happen while they are in the country. In addition, the country brought in migrant workers from neighboring countries to build the World Cup stadium, and Amnesty International says some construction companies don’t pay them enough (if at all), don’t provide the required ID cards that prevent workers from leaving their site or a camp set up for workers, some of their passports have been confiscated so they cannot leave the country and some companies actively engage in forced labor. Also, as of 2021 (if largely obsolete at this point), 6,500 migrant workers would have saidEd in Qatar since winning the 2022 World Cup, although not all of them were necessarily working on World Cup projects.

VarietyThe report quotes England manager Gareth Southgate as saying the World Cup is “the thing you’ve been working on all your life and you don’t want that to be diminished by everything that’s going on around it. she currently. But we recognize that we are going to be in this situation, we have to accept it and deal with it. So this is all pretty horribleand kudos to Dua Lipa for taking a moment to call her.

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