Diablo 4 dev says players ‘want open world and free choice, but they also want to be told where to go’

Diablo 4 (opens in a new tab) will have an open world, but Blizzard hasn’t been very clear on what exactly that means. In a new interview with IGN (opens in a new tab)Game Director Joe Shely and Diablo General Manager Rod Fergusson went a little deeper into what players can expect when they return to the world of Sanctuary.

“One of the concerns about putting ‘open world’ in a big neon sign and flashing that sign is that people have this notion of like Breath of the Wild, ‘Oh, it’s completely organic and I can go anywhere and do anything and I’ll figure it out on my own,” Fergusson said. “It’s not really our story. Our story allows for non-linearity, but there is a story. We wanted to have a beginning, a middle and an end. We wanted to start at a certain place, we wanted to end at a certain place. certain place.”

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