Babar Azam and Jos Buttler pick their Player of the Tournament

Babar Azam and Jos Buttler, whose teams will face off in the 2022 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Final on November 13, have chosen their player of the tournament ahead of the big clash.

Buttler opted to go with Suryakumar Yadav, who made a huge impact for India in the T20 World Cup with his consistency and more than healthy strike rate. Heading into the final, Yadav is the tournament’s third-highest scorer with 239 points for a tournament-best 189.68 completion rate.

He however highlighted the role of two England players who stood out in the tournament and did not forget to mention that they had another opportunity to be strong contenders for the prize.

In a special segment ahead of the final, Sanjana Ganesan asked the England skipper about his choice for player of the tournament.

T20 World Cup
02 Nov 22

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“I’m thinking of Suryakumar Yadav,” Buttler said.

“I think Suryakumar Yadav for me was someone who played with extreme freedom. He was incredibly eye-catching to watch in such a star-studded line-up. To stand out the way he did is incredible.

T20 World Cup
12 Nov 22

Babar Azam and Jos Buttler choose their player of the tournament

“Of course there are a couple of our guys on that sheet too – Sam Curran and Alex Hales. If they put on a great performance in the final they can be player of the tournament for me,” Buttler added.

T20 World Cup
02 Nov 22

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When asked the same question in Babar Azam, the Pakistani skipper had no hesitation in choosing Shadab Khan, whose all-around contributions were instrumental in Pakistan’s late push to the final.

“I think it should be Shadab Khan for the way he plays,” Babar said.

“While his bowling has been exceptional, his batting has also improved a lot. His dominant performance over the past three games along with his exceptional lineup make him a prime candidate for Player of the Tournament.”

Nine players have been selected for Player of the Tournament by ICC with players from England and Pakistan dominating the list.

There are three players from England, two from Pakistan and two from India and one from Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. Fans have the chance to vote for the winner.

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