Amazing records broken across globe for Guinness World Records Day

Another year, another amazing Guinness World Records Day celebration!

For GWR Day 2022, we saw talented people from all over the world show off their super skills in a variety of hard-fought record attempts.

Read on to learn about incredible records broken in the United States, Mexico, Japan and more!

George solving a rubik's cube on a skateboard


Most solved rotating puzzle cubes on a skateboard

George Scholey (UK) is a skateboarding and cube solving pro.

Part-time student, part-time Rubik’s Cube ambassador, George set the record for most solved rotating puzzle cubes on a skateboard in London, UK, with 500 cubes.

The minimum to reach the record was 300 cubes. George did this in an hour (twenty minutes before his scheduled time) so decided to continue for another 40 minutes to reach an incredible 500 cubes!

somersaults blindfolded

Most standing back somersaults blindfolded in one minute

Across the pond in Orlando, Florida, USA, Dinesh Sunar (Nepal) set the record for most standing back somersaults while blindfolded in one minute with 21.


Dinesh is a gymnast, stuntman and parkour instructor and holds various other fitness records including:


  • Most standing full twist backflips in 30 seconds – 13
  • Most parkour twist backflips off a wall in a minute – 18
  • Most backflips against a wall in 30 seconds (parkour) – 16
  • Most twisted backflips on a wall in 30 seconds (parkour) – 12
  • Most backward somersault burpees in a minute (man) – 12

Dinesh’s journey to break records has certainly not been easy. Growing up in a remote community with no transportation, infrastructure or utility facilities, Dinesh had to learn all of his skills on his own, using the local river sandbar as a practice location.

“When I was 7 years old, the rich and upper caste people started having electricity and television in the village,” Dinesh explained.

“They banned us from entering their house, so I watched from outside to watch TV.”


Dinesh discovered actors like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chain, Tony Jaa and Nepali actor Nikhil Uprety and was inspired to start practicing his own stunts.

“An art was born from this pile of sand 22 years ago. Many Guinness World Records from Nepal to America was really a struggle. I want to inspire the world with my work by taking a small picture of this struggle, this sacrifice and this penance. and let everyone know the importance of the game of parkour in Nepal and outside Nepal.” – Dinesh Sunar

person hanging from the bar with one hand while controlling the football

Most consecutive football touches while suspended with one hand in 30 seconds

Ammar Ahmed Alkhudhiri (UAE) broke two incredible free football records in Dubai, UAE at the Dubai Police Academy.

The first of these recordings is the most consecutive football touches while suspended with one hand in 30 secondswith an incredible total of 87.

The next step was the most consecutive football touches on a quad performing a wheelie (team of two), that Ammar made in partnership with Abdulla Saeed Alhattawi (UAE). Together they managed 87 football touches.

Most bunnies jump to rear up on a bar in a minute

Most bunnies jump to rear up on a bar in a minute

In China, another record was broken, this time on two wheels, not four.

Zhang Jingkun (China) set the record for most rabbits jump to rear up on a bar in a minute including 14 in Qingdao, Shandong, China.

Jingkun is a well-known rock climbing and mountain biking cyclist in China and discovered his passion for cycling when he was nine years old.

Black and white photo of Nicolas Montes practicing the one-handed handstand

Most handstands in one minute (male)

Professional circus artist Nicolás Montes de Oca (Mexico) celebrated Guinness World Records Day by performing Three new records, bringing his total number of record achievements to five.

  • Most one-armed headstands in a minute (man) – 23
  • Most handstands in one minute (male) – 41
  • Most alternate one-arm handstands in a minute – 32

The professional juggler and headstand specialist broke his first two Guinness World Records titles in March 2022, when he earned the longest time to perform a one-arm handstand (male) with a time of 1 minute 11.82 seconds and the longest time to perform a headstand on a rotating platform (male) with 25.78 seconds.

basketball arm rotations

Most basketball arms roll in one minute (three basketballs)

Junji Nakasone (Japan), known as JJ, a basketball street performer based in Okinawa, Japan, broke the record for most basketball arms roll in one minute (three basketballs).

He was able to rapidly roll all three balls with extreme control for 60 seconds, achieving a total of 56 rolls – almost one per second!

The record was broken in Koto, Tokyo, Japan.

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